Green Iguana

Iguana iguana

Scientific Name

Green Iguana:  
Iguana iguana

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

The Green iguana can be found throughout central to South America as well as on the smaller West Indian islands.

Natural Habitat

Green iguanas prefer light shaded areas usually by that of a body of water such as alongside rivers, lakes, swamps etc.

Physical Characteristics

  • With a maximum length of 7 ft weighing upwards of 18lbs, the green iguana is greenish-gray in color with soft leathery scales surrounding its body. Females as well as adolescent iguanas are much brighter in color tone.

Quick Facts

  1. Green iguanas can survive falls upwards of 50 ft using the leaves and surrounding branches to break their fall.


Reptile House

Conservation Status

Not Evaluated:The Green Iguana has not yet been evaluated against the criteria.

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The green iguana consumes primarily vegetation but does search for insects at a younger age.