Rangifer Tarandus

Scientific Name

Rangifer Tarandus

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

Reindeer can be found inhabiting parts of Siberia, Northern Europe and North America

Natural Habitat

Reindeer can be found grazing in the artic tunra as well as in open woodland areas and high mountain slopes

Physical Characteristics

  • Standing at an average height of 4 ft tall, Reindeer males and females contain large antlers that shed and regrow annually. Additionally Reindeer have dark brown fur and are approximately 6 ft in length.

Quick Facts

  1. Reindeer noses naturally warm the air that they inhale before it hits the lungs allowing them to live with ease in such cold environments.



Conservation Status

Least Concern: The Reindeer is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.

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Reindeer consume a primarily vegetarian diet consisting of leaves, grasses and moss.