Drop Off:
Bus unloading is on Meadow Drive. Groups enter through Group Gate to left of Gift Shop (May 15- June 30).
Other times, line up is on right side of entrance and enter thru gates as group if ticketed.

Tour Groups:
May 15 - June 30 enter at gate #7 off Meadow Drive. Other times, line up is on right side of entrance and enter through gates as group if ticketed.

There is no bus parking in lot (April 1st - Labor Day).
Bus Parking available in Delaware Park, on Crandall Street, St. George Church at the corner of Nottingham and Amherst or across the parkway at Medaille College. (see maps below)

[Bus Parking and Pickup map download here]

[Download Medaille College map here]


  • Busses are to pick up students along Meadow Drive.
  • There is limited space at this time of year so drivers please do not arrive more than 15minutes before scheduled pickup.  Arrange with teacher beforehand.  You may want to exchange phone numbers. Standing is limited to 15 minutes.

Students will exit Zoo at parking lot through turnstile or gift shop.


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