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Buffalo Zoo Welcomes Baby Reindeer

The Buffalo Zoo is thrilled to announce the birth of a male Scandinavian reindeer just in time for Mother’s Day.  The Buffalo Zoo’s newest addition was born on April 18, 2017, to mother Solara (6) and father Apollo (3). This … Continued

Students from Canisius College Highlight Animal Behavior Research at Buffalo Zoo

Students from the Observational Research Methods class at Canisius College showcased their animal behavior research projects at the Buffalo Zoo this Thursday, May 4. Observational Research Methods is an upper-level elective in the animal behavior, ecology and conservation (ABEC) major at … Continued

Buffalo Zoo Names New President/CEO

The Zoological Society of Buffalo Inc. today named Norah B. Fletchall, COO and senior vice president of the Indianapolis Zoological Society, to succeed Donna Fernandes as the Buffalo Zoo’s next president and CEO. In February 2016, Fletchall moved into the … Continued