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Buffalo Zoo Names New President/CEO

The Zoological Society of Buffalo Inc. today named Norah B. Fletchall, COO and senior vice president of the Indianapolis Zoological Society, to succeed Donna Fernandes as the Buffalo Zoo’s next president and CEO. In February 2016, Fletchall moved into the … Continued

Water Water Everywhere! The Importance of Water Quality at the Zoo

by Jill Odachowski In the year 2000, the Zoo initiated a new water theme for the new Master Plan.  With the Zoo being centrally located between two of the Great Lakes, it was important to educate our visitors on the … Continued

What we have learned after one year of having lion cubs!

By Alicia DuBrava Our African lion pride has really gown in the past year! We started 2016 with Tiberius, Lelie and Lusaka and we quickly added four adorable cubs, Tobias, Asha, Amirah, and Roary. With our new additions, things have … Continued