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Membership Program


Make every visit your best with a Buffalo Zoo membership! Get ready for a year of unlimited visits with unlimited memories in the all-new Buffalo Zoo membership program. From exclusive deals, discounts, and Members-only events, you can now customize your membership just the way you like.

Our new program no longer goes by household but by each unique family! You now choose the number of adults/seniors (limit 2), children ages 2-17 (limit 10), and children under 24 months (limit 2) you wish to include in your membership. That’s not all! You now get even more benefits (see the full list here) along with exclusive membership add-ons at a discounted rate listed below. Members must be present to use/redeem any add-on. 

  • Pack of 12 Ride Tickets: Buy and Save! Buy 12 tickets for the train and carousel and receive $1 off per ride.
  • Refillable Drink Cup: Sip hot and cold beverages with free unlimited refills during each visit in your special 20 oz. Buffalo Zoo souvenir cup. Not valid for Icee products, bottled drinks, or alcohol. 
  • Bring-a-Friend Pass: Stock up on single-use guest passes and receive $2 off general admission rates. Then invite your favorite people to come along to visit the Zoo anytime during your year of membership!
  • Guest Pass: Bring a guest every time you visit, all year long. Limit 2 per membership. Transform one Guest Pass into a Caregiver Pass.*

In addition to your custom membership, you’ll now be given a digital membership card along with a physical card, and have access to an online account where you can manage your membership at any time.

If you are a current Member (prior to March 1, 2022), you now receive all the great benefits of our new program! Set up your online account below to purchase discounted add-ons, tickets, and more! Continue to access the Buffalo Zoo with your current membership card. Upon renewal, you will receive updated cards along with your digital membership card. If you’d like to receive your digital membership card sooner, stop by our admissions gate upon your next visit to request an Apple Wallet pass containing your digital membership card. 

Build-Your-Own Membership

Step 1: List up to two (2) adults/seniors on your membership.

  • Adult (ages 18 –64) – $35 each
  • Senior (ages 65+) – $26 each

Step 2: Include up to ten (10) children ages 2-17.

  • First two (2) children – $20 each
  • Additional child up to eight (8) – $18 each
  • Children under 24 months – FREE

Step 3: Select your exclusive membership add-ons! **

  • Pack of 12 Ride Tickets – $36.00
  • Refillable Drink Cup – $25.95
  • Bring-a-Friend Pass – $2 Discount on Admission
  • Guest Pass – $25.95

*Caregiver – Transform one additional guest into a Caregiver Pass at no extra charge. Caregivers are named individuals who can use a Buffalo Zoo membership without the primary named Member present. Caregiver passes are perfect for nannies, care companions, long-term guests, and more! Once purchased, the named adult must either contact the membership office (716-995-6131, or visit the Zoo in person to provide the name of their caregiver. The name of the Caregiver cannot be removed or switched during the year of membership; names can be changed or switched upon renewal. The Caregiver can be removed from the account by the named adult only and the member would retain the annual guest pass benefit. Caregivers are not issued membership cards. It is the named adult’s responsibility to provide the caregiver with the physical or digital membership card.

**Membership add-ons can be purchased at any point throughout your annual membership period.

Renew Your Membership

Renew today for another fun year of unlimited visits with unlimited memories in the all-new Buffalo Zoo membership program. To renew your membership online, follow the link below to create the custom membership that best fits your unique family. You will need your current Member number found on your membership card to complete the transaction.

Manage Your Membership

Manage your membership online! Once your online membership account is established, you can use it to purchase exclusive member add-ons, event tickets at a discounted rate, gift cards, view purchase history, and more.

Click “Sign Up” below to sign up for your online membership account. You will need your member ID number that can be found on your membership card. See below image for reference. Please input your name the exact way it appears on your current membership card. If you do not have your membership card, please contact the membership office.

Already have an account? Click “Login” below. You will be redirected to the Buffalo Zoo ecommerce website. Click “Login” at the top right corner of the webpage.


Once you purchase a membership online, it’s active immediately! You are emailed your receipt along with a PDF of your digital membership card and a link to download the card to your Apple Wallet. Your physical cards will be mailed to you within 2-3 weeks. If you purchase a membership in person at admissions, you will receive a receipt with your digital membership card, Apple Wallet link, and physical cards.

Gift Cards

Give the gift of the Buffalo Zoo! In lieu of gift memberships, customers now purchase a Buffalo Zoo digital gift card in their desired amount so that their gift recipient family can then use it to purchase their membership online or upon their first visit to the Buffalo Zoo. Not only do gift cards work for memberships, but they can be used for admission tickets, event tickets, education programs, food and beverage services, retail, and rides and attractions. Use the prices above to determine the best value of your gift.

Gift Cards purchased online will be sent via email as a digital gift card. Physical gift cards can be purchased at the Zoo Admission windows or sent in the mail by calling 716-837-3900.

Receipt Redemption

Upgrade your tickets to a Buffalo Zoo membership! Present your original ticket receipt (paper or digital) in-person at our admissions window to apply your ticket payment toward a Buffalo Zoo membership. 100% of your applicable ticket purchase may be applied if redeemed the same day as your visit; thereafter up to $30 of your ticket receipt can be applied if redeemed within 30 days of your visit. Receipt presentation required; only tickets that apply to the corresponding membership are eligible for redemption.

Terms and Member Conduct

  1. Memberships begin on the date of purchase and are valid one year from the date of purchase. Membership cards and privileges are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. Membership cards and privileges are intended for noncommercial use by individual members and are valid only for the person(s) named on the membership account. Memberships may not be resold, exchanged, or refunded.
  3. Buffalo Zoo memberships are revocable and subject to the Buffalo Zoo Guest Conduct Policy. The Buffalo Zoo reserves the right to terminate, refuse or revoke membership.
  4. The Buffalo Zoo reserves the right to refuse admission to the Buffalo Zoo, and/or remove any person, without refund, whose conduct the Buffalo Zoo deems inappropriate, who fails to comply with Buffalo Zoo Guest Conduct policy, or this membership policy, and/or abuses Member privileges.
  5. All named Members must be age 18+ and must present a Buffalo Zoo Membership card and, if required, a photo ID at entry.
  6. Membership benefits and prices are subject to change without notice.

Guest Privileges

  1. For those memberships with guest privileges, at least one named Member must accompany guests upon arrival at the Buffalo Zoo.
  2. Bring-a-Friend passes are single-use passes only. There is no limit to the number of Bring-a-Friend passes a Member can purchase.
  3. Guest Passes allow Members to bring a guest every time they visit and are valid for the duration of the membership. There is a limit of two guest passes a Member can purchase.
  4. Memberships and guest privileges are not valid for group admission or admission to private, premium, or special events.

Lost or Damaged Items

  1. Lost or damaged cards may be replaced for a fee of $5.00 per card. Visit Buffalo Zoo Admissions or contact the Membership office to purchase a replacement.
  2. To replace lost or damaged drink cups, visit Buffalo Zoo Admissions or call the Membership office for a replacement.

Membership Add-Ons

  1. Discounted ride ticket are valid for the carousel and the train at the Buffalo Zoo only. All other rides and attractions are an additional fee.
  2. Refillable Drink Cups are available for use in Wild Burger, Slice, and Cup and Cone at the Buffalo Zoo and are valid only for one year of membership. Members who wish to continue the use of the Refillable Drink Cup after their membership expires must renew their membership and purchase the refillable drink cup add-on.
  3. Refillable Drink Cups can be used for unlimited servings of cold fountain beverages, coffee, tea, and water. Icee products, alcoholic and bottled beverages are not eligible servings for Refillable Drink Cups. Members must use the 20 oz. souvenir cup provided at purchase. For sanitary safety reasons, personal drink vessels are not permitted.

Need Help?

We’re here for you. Contact us Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Phone: (716) 995-6131




Membership Benefits

Information Coming Soon

Membership Bonus Package

Benefits may be obtained by showing your valid Buffalo Zoo membership card. Please note that these offers cannot be combined with other offers.

Information Coming Soon

Reciprocal List

A Buffalo Zoo membership allows discounted access to zoos and aquariums throughout North America. Click on the list below to see the zoos and aquariums that offer you reduced admission when you present your valid Buffalo Zoo membership card. Most institutions participating in the reciprocity program will require membership verification and secondary I.D. However, membership databases are not linked so contact the zoo or aquarium of your destination to confirm their policies. Click the link below to check the AZA's current list of participating institutions. AZA Reciprocity List If you have any questions about membership, e-mail us at or call us at (716) 995-6131. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 5:00 p.m. In addition to the AZA reciprocity list, the Buffalo Zoo has reciprocity agreements with the institutions listed below. The discount is 50% off unless otherwise noted.