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Location & Hours

The Zoo is in a beautiful setting right in Delaware park in the heart of North Buffalo and Parkside neighborhood

General Hours

Date Time
January 1 - December 31 The Zoo is closed until further notice.

Holiday Hours & Early Closings

  • Thanksgiving - November 26: Closed
  • Christmas Eve - December 24: 10:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • Christmas - December 25: Closed
  • New Years Eve - December 31: 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


A token must be purchased at the main entrance to exit the parking lot. The automated gates will ONLY accept tokens.

Cars: $5.00
Buses and campers not permitted in parking Lot

Zoofari Shuttle

In July and August, the Buffalo Zoo offers transportation services around Delaware Park to the Zoo via the Zoofari Shuttle. Pick-up and drop-off schedule coming soon.


Check out our Daily Schedule for today 04/08/2020

Buffalo Zoo Daily Schedule


The Buffalo Zoo is located in a historic park setting in the City of Buffalo

The Zoo is an excellent way to complement your planned visit to the Buffalo Region. If planning a visit from out of town, but cannot make ticket purchase decision today, please note that the Zoo has partnerships with the following hotels:


Zoofari Shuttle

In July and August, the Buffalo Zoo offers transportation services around Delaware Park to the Zoo via the Zoofari Shuttle. Pick-up and drop-off schedule coming soon.

Admission Rates

Enjoy Buffalo’s best entertainment value!

General Admission Rates

Ticket Age Price Purchase
Regular 13 - 64 $14.95 Purchase at Admission Plaza
Seniors 65 + $12.95 Purchase at Admission Plaza
Children 2 - 12 $10.95 Purchase at Admission Plaza
Children Under 2 Free Purchase at Admission Plaza
Members ( All Ages ) Free Buy Now
Nov-Feb Special Pricing (Polar Bear Days) ( All Ages ) $9.95 For All Buy Now

*copy of membership card and list of people attending from that family must be provided

Group Rates

For groups of 10 or more, approximate 15% discount.
(School groups, home school, scout groups, church groups, preschools, or any disabled adult or senior groups)

Ticket Age Price Pre-sale
Regular 13 - 64 $13.45 $12.70
Seniors 65 + $11.65 $11.00
Children 2 - 12 $9.95 $9.30
Children Under 2 FREE FREE
Members ( All Ages ) FREE FREE

*All teachers and chaperones must pay admission.

Presale Rate Requirements

(received 3 weeks prior)

  • Orders and payment must be received 3 weeks in advance to allow for processing and return postal delivery.
  • Additions to order after the 3 week deadline can be purchased day of at the front gates.
  • No refunds on discount admissions.
  • Students membership number may be written on back of form.
  • One chaperone per every 10 students is requested.
  • Badges must be worn by everyone before entering Zoo.
  • We do not invoice with pre-sale rate. Pre-sale admission form can be used as an invoice.

Purchase Order Sales

  • Purchase orders are only accepted at full Zoo admission rates. They must be submitted to cashier on arrival.
  • Line up to right of entrance. Group Leader can go to Group Sales Window to receive admission badges.

Helpful Tips

  • The Zoo is closing beginning 3/14/20 for two weeks due to general concerns about COVID 19
  • Avoid heavy traffic days of May 15 – June 30.
  • To Zoo will be closing early at 2:00 p.m. on May 18, June 8, and July 18.
  • Avoid busy days such as the Corporate Challenge, BuffaLoveFest (May 18), Catillion (June 8), and Wines In The Wild (July 18).
  • Early spring and fall are cooler and less traffic.
  • Winter has numerous opportunities to view our animals in a snowy environment and also view our fabulous plants and animals in their warm indoor exhibits.
  • Enjoy your time at the Buffalo Zoo!


Make sure to check out the new Wild Burger at the Buffalo Zoo

Speciality Items

*Combo meals come with fries and a drink

Food Item












Kids Meals





Information Coming Soon


From stuffed animals to souvenirs!

Come and visit The Buffalo Zoo’s gift shop, The Zootique, and see what new and wild things you find! This 300 square foot shop carries an attractive selection of unique and educational items. With an array of toys, plush animals, logo apparel, jewelry, and souvenirs, The Zootique offers something for everyone.  In addition to the Zootique, there is an Arctic themed shop inside the Interpretive Center of The Arctic Edge Exhibit that is open seasonally.


Don’t forget that Buffalo Zoo Members receive discounts when making purchases at the Zootique or other retail outlets!
Are you having a birthday party at The Buffalo Zoo? Are you a teacher or visiting the Zoo with your class on a field trip? Please contact our store Manager, Nicole, at to see what items we might have to offer for your zoo birthday party bags or class souvenirs.

Also, check out our group souvenir program.


Gift Shop Hours: Open 10 AM to 5 PM daily

Phone Number: (716) 837-3900 x 110



Our Rental Shed is open daily from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. We rent out Single strollers, Double strollers, Motorized Scooters, and wheelchairs. Rentals are available through the Zootique when the Rental Shed is closed.




Single Stroller – $6

Double Stroller – $8

Motorized Scooter – $25

Wheelchair – Free of charge


All rentals require a form of Photo Identification as a deposit in addition to the rental cost. We can only take reservations for wheelchairs. Please call the Zootique Shop and speak to an associate in order to reserve your wheelchair. All other rentals are on a first come first serve basis.


Open Today The Zoo is closed until further notice.

Children's Zoo

Get a hands on experience at the Delta Sonic Heritage Farm

For a hands-on animal experience, come explore our brand new Delta Sonic Heritage Farm. The latest Zoo offering enhances everyone’s zoo experience by giving them an opportunity to actually touch the animals inside the exhibit. The Delta Sonic Heritage Farm is the first project to be built as part of Phase II of the Buffalo Zoo’s master plan. The family-friendly exhibit recreates a historic farm from the 1850s and replaces the former Children’s Zoo. This Erie Canal-era homestead features heritage breeds of domestic animals and includes an adjacent wetlands and a historic replica of an Erie Canal lock.

Zoo Rules

Believe it or not there are some rules at the Zoo

  • Do have a great time at the Buffalo Zoo! If you have any questions or need help, please speak to any Zoo associate.

  • Do understand that animals need rest and privacy just like humans. Zoo animals have access to off-exhibit areas during the day and may not always be available for public viewing.

  • Do keep the Zoo clean by placing all litter in the proper trash and recycling receptacles.

  • Do drop off your map at the main entrance so we can recycle or reuse it.

  • Do wear shirt and shoes when in the Zoo.

  • DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS. Each of our animals receives nutritionally balanced diets designed for their specific needs.

  • Don’t cross fences or railings. Zoo animals are wild animals, not pets. Their exhibits and enclosures are designed to protect you and the animals from harm.

  • Don’t bring radios, skateboards, skates, bicycles, balloons, glass, grills, rollerblades, alcohol, squirt guns, frisbees, balls, or pets into the Zoo.

  • AND PLEASE NOTE… special circumstances including construction, births, feeding and veterinary procedures may require that specific animals be removed from public viewing to ensure their best possible care. There are no refunds due to animal availability or weather.

Zoo Map

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Buffalo Zoo Map