chakaiPhone02Name: -Chaka (Black Howler Monkey)

Born: -August 6, 2009 at the Buffalo Zoo

Native Habitat/Range: -South American Tropical Rainforest

Place of Birth: Buffalo Zoo

Exhibit Location: -M&T Rainforest Falls

Favorite Food: -Grapes and Bananas

Favorite Activity: -Playing with the other monkeys, taking naps with mom.


• Infants are born with the same light brown hair color as their mothers. When the male offspring reach maturity, their hair color will turn to black.

• One of the reasons why Black Howler Monkeys are endangered is because of habitat destruction

• Their “Howl” can be heard up to 3 miles away

• There are herbivores

• Black Howler Monkeys spend up to 80% of their days resting.

• They can live up to 20 years



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