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Scientists Find New Penguin, Extinct for 500 Years
Research had suggested the first humans in New Zealand hunted the Waitaha penguin to extinction by 1500. --AP

World's 'rarest tree frog' found
The species was thought to have become extinct two decades ago. --BBC News

Elephant 'GPS' keeps families together
Powerful rumbles keep family members from wandering too far. --New Scientist

Lights Out for Fireflies?
Scientists concerned with dwindling population of the popular insect.

'Horror frog' breaks own bones to produce claws
Hairy frogs from the Cameroon have revealed a remarkable mechanism. --New Scientist

Lost parrot tells veterinarian his address
"I'm Mr. Yosuke Nakamura," said the African grey parrot. --AP

Post Office Discovers Giant Beetles in Package
The large bugs arrived last week from Taiwan at a post office in Mohnton, PA. --AP

Spearfishing orang-utans amaze experts
Orang-utans have confounded naturalists by learning to swim and to fish with sticks. --Times Online

Bizarre Frog Has No Lungs
Amphibian in Borneo gets oxygen through its skin.
--Live Science

Smile you're on ele-vision
How a camera attached to an elephant's trunk captured amazing jungle views. --Daily Mail

Ants riddled with cheating and corruption
Researchers find offspring of some fathers more likely to become queens. --LiveScience

Rare pygmy hippos caught on film
Pygmy hippos are one of the most secretive mammal species. --BBC News

Panic after 'Franken-fish' is caught in Britain
Known as the 'gangster' of the fish world, the giant snakehead has razor-sharp teeth. --Daily Mail

Antarctic depths reveal bizarre new life forms
Creatures include sea spiders the size of dinner plates, giant worms and jelly fish with 18 ft-long tentacles. --The Telegraph

'Bizarre' new mammal discovered
The creature is a type of giant elephant shrew.
--BBC News

Bat Deaths in NY, Vt. Baffle Experts
Bats are dying off by the thousands as they hibernate in caves and mines. --AP

Computer that can 'translate' a dog's bark
Results suggest that dogs have acoustically different barks depending on their emotional state. --Daily Mail

Snake discovers golf handicap
An Australian snake mistook four golf balls for a clutch of chicken eggs. --Ananova

'Laughs' not exclusive to humans
The basis for laughter may have originated in ancient primates. –BBC News

Monkeys surprisingly proficient at mental arithmetic...
A college education doesn't give you much of an edge over a monkey --AFP

Giant rat discovered in Indonesia jungle
Species is five times the size of a typical city rat (w/photo). --AP

Amazing Escape of Fish
Photographer catches fish trying to escape from trout farm. --Ananova

Picture-sorting dogs show human-like thought
Dogs can place photographs into categories the same way humans do. --New Scientist

Chimps Beat Humans on Memory Tasks
Young chimps' photographic memory better than adult humans. --ABC News

Zombie Cockroaches
Israeli researchers find chemical that lets wasps enslave roaches (with video). --FOX News

Attack of the killer jellyfish
The only salmon farm in Northern Ireland has lost its entire population of fish to a spectacular jellyfish attack. --AP





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