Polar Bites 2011, February 17

For years now, the annual Polar Bites event puts some much needed fun in February. Taking place at the newly renovated Buffalo Niagara Convention Center on February 17, 2011, this annual benefit for the Zoo showcases some of the best … Continued

Say hello to Amari

Name: Amari (Western Lowland Gorilla) Born: October 8th, 2010 Native Habitat/Range: Tropical forest of West Africa from southern Nigeria to the Congo River Place of Birth: Buffalo Zoo Exhibit Location: Gorilla Enclosure Favorite Food: Juice Favorite Activity: Sucking on her … Continued

Valentine’s Day Adoptions

Give your special someone a truly unique and loving Valentine’s Day gift of an animal adoption from the Buffalo Zoo. With your kind donation of $10, your sweetheart will receive:• an adoption certificate • a pair of guest passes to … Continued

The Buffalo Zoo’s Hellbender Lab Is Officially Open!

The Buffalo Zoo offered members of the media the opportunity to photograph the Zoo’s hellbender rearing lab that is now officially open for public viewing on January 11th inside the Buffalo Zoo Reptile House. The eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) is … Continued