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Mar 18, 2019

Agnes the Giraffe Receiving End of Life Care

Update 3/21/19: The Buffalo Zoo said farewell to Agnes on Thursday, March 21, 2019.  Her quality of life was in steep decline and it was determined by an expert team that euthanasia was the best course of action.

It is with a heavy heart that we share that Agnes the giraffe is receiving end-of-life care. At age 24, Agnes suffers from advanced arthritis and other health issues that have not responded to treatment. There are no easy answers and only tough decisions in situations like these. The team at the Buffalo Zoo is doing what we do best — coming together to provide the best comfort and care for Agnes in what we believe to be her final days.

Agnes was born at the Buffalo Zoo on August 8, 1994, and has been a resident her entire life. Agnes has contributed to increasing giraffe populations and has many generations of offspring, including Zuri who also resides at the Buffalo Zoo.

Over the years Agnes has left an enduring mark on guests and her caretakers alike and has contributed greatly to advancing the important message of saving giraffe species in the wild. Her keepers, some who have been with Agnes for most of their career at the Buffalo Zoo, say she is very smart and has taught patience in working and caring for her over the years.

“Agnes has lived a long life and will leave an even longer legacy. It’s a testament to the exceptional work of our teams here at the Zoo that Agnes has lived well into her golden years. Agnes is deeply loved and well cared for here in Buffalo. She will be missed,” said Norah Fletchall, President and CEO.

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