Scientific Name


Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

Cichlids can be found in the lowland freshwater tropical/subtropical regions of the world. A majority of this species can be located in the great lakes of East Africa.

Natural Habitat

Variations of the Cichlid species will occupy almost every freshwater habitat type usually in that of lakes and or rivers.

Physical Characteristics

  • Cichlids are distinct from that of all other freshwater fish primarily due in large part to their interrupted lateral line and the single opening of the nostrils.

Quick Facts

  1. Cichlids are parental in nature, meaning they care for their eggs and young unlike that of other species.


Gorilla House

Conservation Status

Least Concern: The Cichlid is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.

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Cichlids can be found consuming a variety of dietary options such as other fish, algae, plant matter and or plankton.