Costa Rican Curly Haired Tarantula

Tliltocatl albopilosus

Scientific Name

Costa Rican Curly Haired Tarantula:  
Tliltocatl albopilosus

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Natural Habitat

Tropical rainforests, preferring to burrow at the base of large trees.

Physical Characteristics

  • Brown body covered with golden, curly hairs.

  • They can grow up to 6 inches long.

Quick Facts

  1. Curly Haired Tarantulas can flick the hairs from their bodies at potential predators, causing skin irritation or blindness if they get into their eyes.

  2. They can produce silk but use it to line their burrows rather than catch their prey.


Education Department

Conservation Status

Least Concern: The Costa Rican Curly Haired Tarantula is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.

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