Dumeril's Monitor

Varanus dumerilii

Scientific Name

Dumeril's Monitor:  
Varanus dumerilii

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

Indigenous to southeastern Asia, Dumeril’s Monitor can be located more specifically in Thailand, Maylasia, and Sumatra.

Natural Habitat

Heavily vegetated and humid forests

Physical Characteristics

  • Dumeril’s Monitors are largely dark coffee-brown in color, with occasional brighter indistinct crossbars. Adult Dumeril’s can reach up to 4.5 ft. in total length (including tail), although typical length is 4 ft. long.

Quick Facts

  1. This species can remain underwater for more than an hour.


Amphibian and Reptile Center

Conservation Status

Data Deficient: Not enough data to make an assessment of the Dumeril's Monitor risk of extinction

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Primarily crabs, snails, fish, and small rodents.