Mexican Beaded Lizard

Heloderma horridum & Heloderma Horridum Exasperatum

Scientific Name

Mexican Beaded Lizard:  
Heloderma horridum & Heloderma Horridum Exasperatum

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

The beaded lizard lives primarily in sub humid tropics to arid areas. They can be found in Mexico, mostly along the Pacific coast.


Natural Habitat

They are primarily nocturnal creatures, hunt for their food year round. They also climb, burrow and swim.

Physical Characteristics

  • One of two poison lizards, the beaded lizard has a dark body with yellow bands on its tail. They have small bumps or beads covering its entire body. They have venom glands in their lower jaw. The average size for an adult is 36 inches in length and weighs 5 pounds.

Quick Facts


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Conservation Status

Least Concern: The Mexican Beaded Lizard is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.

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They feed on small mammals such as mice, birds, lizards and eggs.