Jamaican Boa

Epicrates Subflavus

Scientific Name

Jamaican Boa:  
Epicrates Subflavus

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

The Jamaican boa can be found residing in Jamaica, and nowhere else.

Natural Habitat

The Jamaican boa can be found dwelling not only in the trees of heavily vegetated areas, but on the ground as well.

Physical Characteristics

  • Reaching upwards of 6 ft in length, the Jamaican boa is golden yellow around their head fading into black as you reach further down the tail.

Quick Facts

  1. Though mistakenly thought by natives to be venemous, the Jamaican boa is not only harmless to humans but is in fact beneficial to farmers as this species preys primarily on small rodents.


Amphibian and Reptile Center

Conservation Status

Vulnerable: The Jamaican Boa population has been seriously depleted and its protection is not secured

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The Jamaican boa consumes primarily rats but will include other small mammals in their diet.