Lesser Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec

Echinops Telfairi

Scientific Name

Lesser Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec:  
Echinops Telfairi

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

The Lesser hedgehog tenrec resides primarily in the southern and southwestern regions of Madagascar.

Natural Habitat

The lesser hedgehog tenrec inhabits dry areas such as deserts, dry forests and dry coastal regions.

Physical Characteristics

  • Typically ranging between 5-6.5 inches in length and appearing close to that of the typical hedgehog, the lesser hedgehog tenrec contains sharp spines on their backside with a soft hairy underbelly and face.

Quick Facts

  1. When this species feels threatened, the lesser hedgehog tenrec will curl up into a ball exposing only their sharp spines for protection.


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Conservation Status

Least Concern: The Lesser Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.

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The lesser hedgehog tenrec consumes larvae and insects, as well as eggs and occasional fruit.