Mangrove Snake

Boiga Dendrophila

Scientific Name

Mangrove Snake:  
Boiga Dendrophila

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

Mangrove snakes can typically be found in humid regions throughout Asia.

Natural Habitat

Mangrove snakes though thought to primarily reside in mangrove swamps can also be found lowland rainforests.

Physical Characteristics

  • Covered in glossy smooth black scales, the Mangrove snake can be identified by their distinct yellow bands that stretch along their body.

Quick Facts

  1. With over 9,000 species in the Colubridae family, the mangrove snake is specifically venomous with a majority being harmless.


Amphibian and Reptile Center

Conservation Status

Not Evaluated:The Mangrove Snake has not yet been evaluated against the criteria.

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Mangrove snakes consume small mammals, birds and other reptiles to make up their diet.