American Devon Milking Cow

Bos taurus taurus

Scientific Name

American Devon Milking Cow:  
Bos taurus taurus

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

Only found in the United States. They are now extinct from Devonshire, England, where they have been crossed with other cattle and the true breed no longer exists.

Natural Habitat

Devon Cows thrive in a wide range of climates.

Physical Characteristics

  • Devon Cows are ruby red with black-tipped white horns. They are medium in size, cows weighing 1,100 pounds and bulls 1,600 pounds and calves range 75-100 pounds. Body is compact with a straight topline, square set legs and well-formed udders.


Quick Facts

    • The Devon Cow is noted for their gentle demeanor.


    • They are intelligent and easy to work with on farms.


    • There are only 600 true breed Devon Cows left in the United States.


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Conservation Status

Critically Endangered: The American Devon Milking Cow is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

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Devon cows are plant eating animals, ruminants, cud chewing mammals with 4 digestive compartments (not stomachs).