Equus mule

Scientific Name

Equus mule

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

China was the top market for mules in 2003, closely followed by Mexico and many Central and South American nations. Mules are found worldwide.

Natural Habitat

Mules are hardy and can survive in many habitats. Mules are commonly found around the world in any area where there are donkeys and horses inhabiting the same environment.

Physical Characteristics

  • Mules are a cross between a male donkey (called jack) and a female horse (called hinny). Both male and female have the correct reproductive parts, but they are sterile. There may be an exception, 1 in 1 million, that may have a foal. Males should be castrated because they may become too aggressive. Mules are smaller than donkeys and have the same traits as their parents. The head, hips and legs take after the jack. They have “combination hair”, usually a thin forelock, coarse main hair and a tail like a horse. Mules are usually brown or black colored and come in every size and shape. The males have a prominent brow ridge and have almond shaped eyes. Due to hybrid vigor, the mule may be larger than his parent. Mules have a unique sound, part braying and part whinny, “whine….and ends in -aw ah aw”. A male mule is called a jack, and a female is called a molly.

Quick Facts

    • Mules are not really stubborn; but very intelligent and patient.
    • Mules are stronger than horses their size.
    • Mules are cross-breeds from a male donkey and female horse.


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Conservation Status

Least Concern: The Mule is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.

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Mules are herbivores. Mules that are not working usually don’t need grain at all. Good pasture or clean hay is the usual maintenance ration. Mules tend to be discriminate eaters. They will pick around bad feed and not over eat.