Pouter Pigeon

Columba Livia Domestic Pouter

Scientific Name

Pouter Pigeon:  
Columba Livia Domestic Pouter

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

Pouter pigeons can be found throughout North America, Western and Southern Europe as well as North Africa and Southwest Asia.

Natural Habitat

Wild pouter pigeons can be found near most coastal areas though feral pigeons are found almost always in areas of human inhabitance.

Physical Characteristics

  • Pouter pigeons can almost always be identified by their white lower back and the two black bars which can be located on their pale grey wings.

Quick Facts

  1. Pouter pigeons are the tallest of all pigeons standing proudly at an average height of 16 inches.


Education Department

Conservation Status

Least Concern: The Pouter Pigeon is common or abundant and is likely to survive in the wild.

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The Pouter pigeon consumes primarily seeds as well as insects.