Princess Parrot

Polytelis Alexandrae

Scientific Name

Princess Parrot:  
Polytelis Alexandrae

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

The Princess Parrot is an Australian species of parrot.

Natural Habitat

The Princess Parrot is widely distributed across central Australia, but tends towards scrubland and arid woodlands.

Physical Characteristics

  • This is a medium to large parrot, about 16 inches tall and a long tail. It is predominantly a pastel-olive green in color with green patches on the shoulder. It has a lilac forehead and rump, and a pink throat. The eyes are orange, and the beak is a coral color. Females and juveniles tend to be more diluted in coloration with a shorter tail.

Quick Facts

  1. Other names: Princess’s Parrot, Alexandra Parrot, Queen Alexandra Parakeet, Princess of Wale’s Parakeet, Rose-throated Parakeet, Spinnifex Parrot

  2. Princess Parrots are highly nomadic and elusive.

  3. In 1883, John Gould was first to describe the species and named if after Princess Alexandra, the daughter of the King of Sweden. She later became Princess of Wales.



Conservation Status

Near Threatened: The Princess Parrot survival of the wildlife in the wild is affected to an extent that the wildlife is in danger of becoming vulnerable or endangered in the near future.

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Diet consists of grass and shrub seeds. In human care they eat Zupreem fruit blend, leafy greens, and a variety of vegetables.