Pueblan Milksnake

Lampropeltis Triangulum Campbelli

Scientific Name

Pueblan Milksnake:  
Lampropeltis Triangulum Campbelli

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

The Pueblan milksnake is indigenous to regions throughout Mexico including Puebla as well as Oaxaca.

Natural Habitat

Pueblan milksnakes can be found inhabiting dry arid desert regions throughout central Mexico.

Physical Characteristics

  • This easily identifiable snake species can be recognized by their specific color pattern alongside their body consisting of black, yellow, black, and red in that order.

Quick Facts

  1. The Pueblan milksnake consumes their prey by first constricting them until blood flow to the heart has ceased, and finally swallows the prey whole.


Education Department

Conservation Status

Not Evaluated:The Pueblan Milksnake has not yet been evaluated against the criteria.

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Pueblan milksnakes consume primarily small mammals such as mice as well as birds.