Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle

Podocnemis Unifilis

Scientific Name

Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle:  
Podocnemis Unifilis

Distribution and Habitat

Geographic Range

The Yellow-spotted river turtle has a vast range and can be found residing in Caribbean drainages of Guyana, Venezuela, Columbia as well as alongside the upper Amazon River tributaries.

Natural Habitat

The Yellow-spotted river turtle can be found in fresh water sources such as ponds, rivers etc.

Physical Characteristics

  • Yellow-spotted river turtle are brown in color and can be identified by the distinct yellow spots alongside their head.

Quick Facts

  1. This species is also known to many as the yellow-headed side-necked turtle.


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Conservation Status

Vulnerable: The Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle population has been seriously depleted and its protection is not secured

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The Yellow-spotted river turtle consumes typically algae from the surrounding area that they inhabit.