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Oct 07, 2011

Buffalo Zoo’s PR Coordinator Travels to Observe Polar Bears in the Wild

Buffalo Zoo’s PR Coordinator Travels to Observe Polar Bears in the Wild as Part of Polar Bears International’s Communicator Leadership Camp

Jennifer Fields, the Buffalo Zoo’s Public Relations Coordinator, is bundling up and heading north to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to spend one week in the tundra for a Communicator Leadership Camp!

Sponsored by the conservation organization, Polar Bears International (PBI), the Camp will bring together 10 representatives from zoos across the United States and Canada. PBI has offered PBI Leadership Camps for several years, and Fields will be the fourth representative sent by the Buffalo Zoo, which is part of PBI’s network of Arctic Ambassador Center Zoos.

Attendees will stay at the Tundra Buggy Lodge—surrounded by the polar bears’ habitat—and will focus on learning more about this amazing species, how climate change is affecting them and how each one of us can help preserve their fragile Arctic home. Upon their return home, attendees will serve as Ambassadors and implement individual action plans to help reduce CO2 within their community.

To follow her travels, please be sure to check back for Fields’ daily postings. A group blog will also be posted on PBI’s website through the following link: http://www.polarbearsinternational.org/programs/pbi-leadership-camps/groups/communicator-leadership-camp-0.

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