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May 19, 2014

BuffaLoveFest Featured Vendor: Durham Leather

Here’s another BuffaLoveFest 2014 vendor who will be selling some really unique Buffalo-themed items at this year’s celebration of all things “Buffalo.” Check out Durham Leather!

  1. How do you/your products embody “BuffaLove?”
    All products are hand made in Hamburg, New York.
  2. What are you selling at BuffaLoveFest on May 30th? Belts, wallets, leather carved pictures, game boards (including our Buffalo Chips Checkerboard), key chains, and many more fine hand made leather items.
  3. How does your business contribute to our community?
    95% of my business is done in the Buffalo area, but many of my sales are from all over the country. I hope that my sales outside of WNY are spreading awareness about the quality of goods found in and around Buffalo.
The Durham Leather workshop.

Tickets for BuffaLoveFest are available now. Click here to get yours before they sell out!

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