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May 24, 2013

BuffaLoveFest Vendor Profile – Buffalo History Buff

Our goal for the inaugural BuffaLoveFest at the Buffalo Zoo is to showcase all things Buffalo, and to celebrate our Buffalo pride! The fine folks at Buffalo History Buff embody that spirit with their posters of retro Buffalo company advertisements.

1. How do you embody “BuffaLove?”
Buffalo History Buff is very much the manifestation of our love for Buffalo. Our mission is to remind Buffalonians, near and far, of how great our city once was and continues to be. Our prints of restored vintage local advertisements flash back to a time when Buffalo was the industrial center of the United States of America. Our images educate, entertain and inspire, but most of all provide ourselves and our customers with opportunity to show pride in our city, the Buffalo we all love.

2. What do you consider to be your claim to fame?
While Buffalo History Buff is far from famous, our love of our city and its history evolved from the love of our home and studio. We are lucky enough to live and work from Allentown’s Coatsworth mansion. Our house has appeared in the newspaper, magazines and even in the book “City of Light“. We hope that our upcoming participation in the Buffalo Zoo’s BuffaLoveFest and the exposure to the hundreds of Buffa-lovers in attendance will allow Buffalo History Buff to enjoy some of the same “fame” as its inspiration.

3. What is your favorite animal at the Buffalo Zoo and why?
While the majority of the attention may currently be on the cubs, our favorite animals at the Buffalo Zoo are all of our polar bears. Our polar bears and their habitat requirements are the catalyst for the Buffalo Zoo’s current, and most ambitious renovation project. The new Arctic Edge exhibit will be a beacon of pride and progress, and has already been the impetus for the “Our Bears Belong in Buffalo” campaign, with billboards and commercials not just reminding us to help, but to also be proud of the Buffalo Zoo. Recently, when visiting the Zoo with our three small children, we were lucky enough to see the future parents of Luna spend some quality time cuddling. These amazingly enormous beasts deserve not only our respect, but our adoration.

4. How does your business contribute to our community?
Our mission is all about community pride. Whenever people view our images, inevitably somebody says something to the affect of “I didn’t know there was this much in Buffalo”. Buffalo was once the eighth most populous city in the United States. Buffalonians have now established communities all over the country. In a sense, Buffalonians are very much our own immigrant ethnicity in many cities. Every national story seems to have a Buffalo connection. Our goal is simply to perpetuate the civic pride that exists within all Buffalonians; whether or not you’ve fled the snow, we all share Buffa-Love!

Check back here for more vendor profiles leading up to BuffaLoveFest on Friday, May 31! You can find more vendors featured by our pals at The Good Neighborhood!

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