Buffalo New York

Hellbenders at the Buffalo Zoo

In this Behind the Scenes (or a sort0 video, the Buffalo Zoo’s hellbenders are feeding on prey they would find in their native streams. Crayfish are one of their favorite meals. Watch the way the hellbender takes its’ favorite food … Continued

The Life of Hellbenders at the Buffalo Zoo

See inside the Hellbender lab at the Buffalo Zoo. This video shows off the work being done there to raise and release eastern hellbenders, to ultimately increase the wild population.

The Buffalo Zoo’s Hellbender Lab Is Officially Open!

The Buffalo Zoo offered members of the media the opportunity to photograph the Zoo’s hellbender rearing lab that is now officially open for public viewing on January 11th inside the Buffalo Zoo Reptile House. The eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) is … Continued