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May 27, 2014

Featured BuffLoveFest Vendors: Clustered, Buffalosmark, Buffalo Art Prints, Architectural Prints, KegWorks, and Erin’s Apples

We still have tons of vendors to share with you before the BuffaLoveFest celebration. We will be featuring six vendors on this blog post! Be sure to check out all the other vendors on this blog and The Good Neighborhood Blog.


1. How do you/your products embody “BuffaLove?” 
Clustered offers a series of jewelry featuring Buffalo nickel with gemstones and pearls. You can even find necklaces and earrings in Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills colors.

2. What are you selling at BuffaLoveFest on May 30th? 
We will feature handcrafted artisan jewelry. We are inspired by all sorts of natural materials such as gemstones, pearl, sterling silver, leather, coins, silverware, etc.

3. How does your business contribute to our community?
We are truly in love with Buffalo and all it has to offer. The food, the arts, the history, the architecture, and most importantly the people. There is simply nowhere else like Buffalo. You can find our jewelry at Wild things, located at 224 Lexington Ave. Wild Things has been in business as a cooperative artisan market since 1988. We shop/eat local and support our amazing artist community whenever possible. So proud to call Buffalo home.

Buffalosmark: Carol Conwall

1. How do you/your products embody “Buffalove?”
“The Buffalo” art, is a whimsical caricature imaging historical, architectural, scenic, floral, seasonal themed art.  Art that captures known and hidden treasures of the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Western New York Region.

2. What are you selling at BuffaLoveFest on May 30th?
I will be selling “The Buffalo” and other novel card art, place/buffet cards, bookmarks and wallet charms. Also I will be selling novelty items, coasters, luggage tags, hockey pucks, coupon and pocket wallets, magnets, decals and framed art.

3. How does your business contribute to our community?
The soul of my art is to artfully reminisce a time gone by, capturing the wonderment of our heritage and rekindle the conversational art of penning a note.  “The Buffalo” art is my contribution to the preservation of our historic architectural heritage, a City blessed with awesome beauty and magnificent architectural wonderment!

Buffalo Art Prints

1.How do you/your products embody “BuffaLove?”
My work celebrates nature and the four seasons of Buffalo. Through experiments in watercolor and gouache, I created a Buffalo tree which is the main element in most of my work.
2.What are you selling at BuffaLoveFest on May 30th?
I am selling prints, coaster sets, mugs, notecards, pendants, phone covers, onesies and ornaments.
3.How does your business contribute to our community? 
I appreciate the opportunity to sell my work through local artisan and gallery gift stores. By selling my work locally, I feel I’m supporting local businesses and the local economy.
1.How do you/your products embody “BuffaLove?” 
All of our prints are images of historic Buffalo architecture.  Hand carved, on-site by a local artist, these prints are also printed on an antique letterpress at the WNY Book Arts center.
2.What are you selling at BuffaLoveFest on May 30th? 
We are selling linoleum cut prints of Buffalo Architecture.
3.How does your business contribute to our community? 
We participate in as many local art events as possible.  By printing at the WNYBAC, we contribute to their business as well.  The artist also teaches at Tapestry Charter School and is a resident artist at the Buffalo Arts Studio.
1.How do you/your products embody “BuffaLove?”
KegWorks is a Buffalo-born company and proud of it. Our founder started KegWorks in his bedroom in 1998 and since then we’ve operated out of multiple locations in different parts of the city. Buffalo is a city that loves to have fun, and KegWorks is a company that sells unique items to help make that fun happen. And let’s face it, we’re a drinking town through and through, so basically Buffalo and KegWorks are a match made in heaven.
2. What are you selling at BuffaLoveFest on May 30th?
We’ll be selling a variety of products ranging from locally produced hockey puck bottle openers to our own Watermelon Tap kit that lets you turn any watermelon into a drink-dispensing wonder keg. We’ll also have plastic beer can handles to turn any bottle or can into a beer stein, unbreakable silicone pint glasses, beer-flavored lollipops, and much more!
3. How does your business contribute to our community?
We’re a 100% local business that employs over 50 of your friends and neighbors. We contribute time, energy, and money to events and organizations that we believe help build a stronger Buffalo (i.e. sponsoring the BPO Rocks series). 

Erin’s Apples

1. How do you/your products embody “BuffaLove?”
I was born and raised in Buffalo, and I am proud to call myself a Buffalonian. This is a great city, with so many talented and interesting people. I genuinely enjoy the interactions I have with the members of this community through my small business.  
2. What are you selling at BuffaLoveFest on May 30th? I am selling a variety of gourmet caramel apples at BuffaLoveFest, with flavors including triple chocolate, apple pie, Oreo, peanut butter, coconut cluster, s’mores, Butterfinger, and M&M.
3. How does your business contribute to our community? All of my ingredients and supplies are made in the USA, and many come from right here in the Buffalo area. I can provide delicious treats for any occasion, including, but not limited to: gifts, favors, showers, weddings, festivals, fundraisers, etc.  I love to help people brighten someone’s day or raise money for their organization! 

Tickets for BuffaLoveFest are available now. Click here to get yours before they sell out!

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