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Nov 27, 2018

Giving Tuesday: Give Back to the Animals That Brighten Your Day

Our top priority is to consistently give our animals the best possible care. Your support allows us to provide exceptional veterinary care to 1,000+ residents in all stages of life.

On this Giving Tuesday, I’d like to tell you about Taz, our female hyena. This summer Taz began exhibiting troublesome signs. She was lethargic and vomiting. She then stopped eating entirely. We were extremely concerned.Our veterinary team, led by Dr. Kurt Volle, began the comprehensive task of diagnosing her condition. They took blood work, performed exploratory surgery to see if a blockage was present, and tried a number of different medications. In the end, it was found that Taz has lymphoma. While we were heartbroken to learn she has cancer, we quickly focused our attention on a long-term therapy.

Animals that you know and love are counting on your support. With your gift, we can not only help Taz, we can provide Koga, our male gorilla, with heart disease treatment. We can provide heartworm prevention to our big cats. And we can provide Tashi, our greater one-horned rhino, with prenatal care.



We are thrilled to report that Taz is doing remarkably well despite her diagnosis. Our animal care team will make sure that she is comfortable and pain-free. Give to the Buffalo Zoo today and show your support for Taz, for Koga, and for all of our animals. Donate Here: https://buffalozoo.org/product/annual-fund-donations/


With warm holiday wishes,



Norah B. Fletchall

President & CEO

Buffalo Zoo

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