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Jul 07, 2015

Help Buy the Animals Lunch!

The Buffalo Zoo invites patrons to support the animals by buying them lunch.

The Buffalo Zoo has an annual grocery bill over $250,000 to feed over 1,400 animal
residents. During the month of July, Zoo visitors will have the opportunity to help cover that cost and “buy the animals lunch!”

Throughout the month of July, Zoo visitors can choose to add $1 to their Zoo admission, food, gift shop, or membership purchases. All proceeds will benefit the Adopt-an-Animal program and will be used to purchase food for the Zoo’s animal residents.

In addition to the “Buy the Animals Lunch” summer campaign, animal adoptions are
available year-round. Several adoption levels, starting at $25 with corresponding benefits are available. Participants can choose their own favorite animal to support or purchase a gift adoption to help make a difference.

For more information about the Zoo’s adoption program, please call (716) 995-6131 or visit the Zoo online.

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