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Sep 20, 2013

Help the Bears Just by Helping the Planet!

Want an easy way to help the Buffalo Zoo build a new polar bear exhibit? We’ve teamed up with myActions.org, the social network for the planet to give you just that! By participating in our 15-day challenge, you’ll be able to increase your own energy conservation efforts while helping us to raise money for the new Arctic Edge exhibit.
It’s super easy! Starting on September 21, you can just click here to sign up and join the Arctic Edge challengeSelect one of our animal teams and then click the yellow “Sign up and Join this team” button.
The 15-day challenge is simple. All you have to do is complete 15 actions in 15 days. The actions can be almost anything that conserves energy, from riding your bike to recycling a can!  After joining a team, you can explore the site to see the categories of actions you and your family can start doing to help the planet (and save polar bears!) To choose an action, just click on the item that closely matches the action you have accomplished.
For every conservation action you do, myActions.org will donate up to $0.50 per action to the Arctic Edge exhibit. Not only will you be helping to protect the polar bears’ shrinking natural habitat, but you’ll be helping the Buffalo Zoo’s polar bears too! Joining is free and easy, so please join the challenge today and become part of this great online green community!

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