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Sep 18, 2023

Let’s Give These Cubs Some Names!

It’s finally time to give names to our new lion cubs. Earlier this month, during our annual gala, two generous donors stepped forward to name one of our female cubs and one of our male cubs. Now, we need the public’s help for the other two.

Our lion keepers have come up with four names (two male and two female) and we are asking the community to come vote for their favorites. The female names are Asali, which means “sweet like honey”, and Tina, which the team felt matched the personality of one of the cubs.

The male names are Baahir, which means “dazzling” and “bright”, and Briggs, which is a tribute to long-time Zoo employee, David Brigham, who has contributed so much to our lion program over the years.

Starting tomorrow, September 19th, guests can cast their votes in person at the Zoo in front of the lion habitat. Voting will last roughly 2 weeks, with the winning names along with the auctioned names, being announced on October 2nd. Please visit the Zoo soon to vote for your favorite.

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