Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

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You can help the Zoo to become a conservation leader, one that is committed to saving wildlife and wild places. For as little as $10 a month, just $.33 a day, you can join a group of devoted supporters who are committed to the welfare of our resident animals, and to the welfare of endangered wildlife.

Sign up as a Zoo Guardian and we’ll automatically deduct the amount from your credit or debit card each month. It’s a great way to stay on target with your personal finances. And you can cancel at any time. Simply call 716-995-6131.

Monthly giving is one of the most cost-effective ways to support the Buffalo Zoo!

A monthly gift of $10 will provide a year of specialized nutrition for animals like our red panda or our two-toed sloth.

A monthly gift of $25 will supply our lion pride with meat for a week, or provide a bed of wood chips for our rhinos for two months.

A monthly gift of $85 will add up to food for one day for all of our resident animals, or cover half the total expense of yearly vaccinations.

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