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Oct 07, 2020

Sampson the Giraffe Passes Away

Unfortunately, in a year that has already been so very difficult and taken so much, we have some more sad news to share.

Sampson, the giraffe, died yesterday due to complications following a medical procedure. Recently, Sampson had developed a dental issue, impacting his ability to chew food, and he was placed under anesthesia to resolve the problem. The procedure was successful, but Sampson’s appetite and bodily functions did not return to normal in the following days.

Our expert animal care and veterinary teams worked day and night and did everything in their power to save Sampson. Our teams face these types of tough choices and decisions every day. In Sampson’s case, we carefully weighed the need to resolve an ongoing painful dental problem with the inherent risks of placing an animal under anesthesia.

On October 24, 2014, Sampson was born to mother A.J. and father Moke, who both reside at the Buffalo Zoo. Standing 14 feet tall, he was loved dearly by our team, guests, members, and volunteers alike. He was the absolute best.

We aren’t ashamed to admit that all of us at the Buffalo Zoo are sad and grieving, but we will never stop. In honor of Sampson and all of the other majestic creatures on the brink of extinction, we will keep fighting to save wildlife and wild places every day.

Our Buffalo Zoo community, who is always by our side through thick and thin, can be most helpful to us by leaving a note of encouragement for his keepers, a memory, or a photo of Sampson in the comments below. Thank you.

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