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Mar 26, 2021

The Lion Pride at the Buffalo Zoo Grows By Two   

Buffalo, N.Y. — The Buffalo Zoo is happy to announce the birth of two healthy lion cubs! Both cubs were born to mother Lusaka on March 7, 2021. The cub’s arrival day is extra special as they were born on their dad Tiberius’s eighth birthday.

The Zoo’s animal care team began monitoring Lusaka closely in the days before her giving birth. As the keepers started their day on March 7, she went into labor. Cub number one was born at 9:52 am, and cub number two was born a few hours later at 2:47 pm. Both cubs began nursing and are currently showing signs of good health.

 “We are thrilled to welcome these cubs to the Buffalo Zoo family,” said Lisa Smith, General Curator, Buffalo Zoo. “It’s never a guarantee that newborn animals will survive, but Lusaka is an experienced mom, and she has been doing everything right. Both cubs look healthy and are growing fast.”

Lusaka and Tiberius were paired based on a breeding recommendation from The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Species Survival Plan (SSP), and this is the pair’s second litter. In 2016, Lusaka gave birth to three cubs, Asha, Amirah, and Roary.

Stay tuned to the Zoo’s social media channels for updates on the cubs’ growth, genders, names, and upcoming public debut. For more details and additional information on Buffalo Zoo operating hours, to purchase tickets, donate, or enroll in an education program, visit buffalozoo.org.

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