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Aug 25, 2014

Two Buffalo Zoo Employees Recognized as Leaders in Their Field

Two of the Buffalo Zoo’s animal keepers have been appointed to leadership positions in their respective fields.
Penny Felski, the Zoo’s herpetological manager, was recently appointed to the amphibian taxon advisory group (TAG) steering committee for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA.)
A TAG is responsible for the conservation of a certain species or group of species among AZA accredited institutions.
Felski participates in a number of reptile and amphibian conservation efforts including the Zoo’s Puerto Rican crested toad and hellbender head start programs.
Keeper Penny Felski. photo credit: Chris Baker
Joe Hauser, rhino keeper at the Zoo, was recently appointed to the International Rhino Keepers Association’s board of directors. The International Rhino Keepers Association (IRKA) is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge in relation to the five species of rhinoceros.
Hauser was implemental in the success of the artificial insemination procedure that led to the birth of the Zoo’s new baby rhino, Monica.
Keeper Joe Hauser. photo credit: Kelly Brown
“We’re very proud of Penny and Joe for their accomplishments,” said Donna Fernandes, President and CEO of the Buffalo Zoo. “All of our keepers work incredibly hard to take care of the animals and do so much behind the scenes to advance the conservation of a number of endangered species. Penny and Joe are a great example of that.”
To learn more about AZA taxon advisory groups, visit https://www.aza.org/taxon-advisory-groups.  For information about IRKA, go to http://www.rhinokeeperassociation.org.

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