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Oct 06, 2022

Welcome the New Bison of Buffalo!

On your next visit to the Buffalo Zoo, say hello to our three new female American Plains bison. Arriving earlier this week, the new ladies hail from The Wilds, a zoological safari park outside of Columbus, Ohio. Born a little over a year ago, the girls are half-sisters and are growing fast!
Wilma, our 29-year-old female, and the new bison have seen and approached each other through the fence in their outdoor enclosure, and so far, the ladies getting to know each other is going well. Well keep everyone separated for a few days as the introductions continue.
Welcoming the new bison and the improvements weve made to their exhibit this year wouldnt be possible without the support of you and our sole lead sponsor, The 716 Foundation, and a special gift they made to bring bison back to the Buffalo Zoo. Thank you!
The good news continues over the next few weeks when well reveal their names and more exciting news from your friends at the Zoo and The 716 Foundation.

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