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Nov 26, 2014

Zoo Choo Train will Offer Rides to Mall Shoppers This Winter!

The Buffalo Zoo’s “Zoo Choo Train” ride has been moved to the Eastern Hills Mallfor the winter season.
The Zoo acquired the new train ride for the 2014 season, and it quickly became a favorite among Zoo visitors. The Wattman mini-express train features five cars, including a turn-of-the-century style engine and caboose. Zoo officials have teamed up with the Eastern Hills Mall to give the community an opportunity to enjoy the train during winter months.
The Zoo Choo Train will be open to mall visitors beginning on Wednesday in front of one of the mall’s anchor tenants, in the family attraction corridor. It will operate there until the end of March 2015.The cost per ride will be $2, and 100% of proceeds will be retained by the Buffalo Zoo.
“We are excited to partner with the Buffalo Zoo this holiday in welcoming the Zoo Choo train to the Eastern Hills Mall,” said Brandon Salinas, Business Development Manager for the Eastern Hills Mall. “It’s a wonderful added value for our guests, and supports a cultural icon of the Western New York Community.”

The Zoo Choo Train ride became a favorite among Zoo visitors this season!

“The ride became very popular among visitors this summer, and it seemed a shame that it would be put away for winter,” said Donna Fernandes, President & CEO of the Buffalo Zoo. “The Eastern Hills Mall has graciously allocated space for us and offered to give all of the proceeds from the train back to the Zoo. We’re grateful for their partnership, and hope that families in Western New York will continue to enjoy the Zoo Choo Train at the mall until it comes back to the Zoo in the spring.”

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