The American Association of Zoo Keepers’ (AAZK) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization made up of professional zoo keepers and other interested persons dedicated to professional animal care and conservation efforts.  The Buffalo Zoo currently has 10 active members, with the following officers; Secretary Penny, Treasurer Lynn, Vice President Tammy and our enthusiastic President Jill. The Buffalo chapter has contributed to a variety of conservation projects, including but not limited to, the Snow Leopard Conservation Fund, our local SPCA, EVACC (El Valle Amphibian Conservation Center), Exotic Feline Rescue Center, Grizzly Discovery Center, International Elephant Foundation, Pet Emergency Fund and Rhino conservation. Our fundraising activities include bake sales, collecting change from the fountain in the center courtyard and the “parking meter” located in the Tops Ecostation, bottle deposit returns and various raffles. Our most successful event, Enrichment Day, is an ongoing program scheduled sporadically during the year, which is free to the public with admission to the Zoo. Enrichment is a food item or an object added to the animals’ exhibit to reduce boredom and promote natural behaviors. Although the zoo keepers provide daily enrichment for the animals, the Enrichment Days allow for a whole day of scheduled enrichment activities for patrons to watch. Check the AAZK schedule for upcoming Enrichment Days and other AAZK sponsored events.