Intensive School Programs

Program Description


Extended Science Experiences (ESE’s) are designed to help build science content and skill based on a variety of life science topics in the early childhood setting over the course of multiple contacts with the Zoo. Experiences are infused with ELA to foster natural connections between written/spoken words and science. Teachers act as integral partners in the experiences. Each ESE includes three zoo outreach sessions in your classroom with live animals and a Zoo field experience. Class size is limited to 26 students and reservations must be made 8 weeks in advance.

Program Details


PRE-K: I Love Nature; Animal Types (classification); Animal Homes/Habitats; Down on the Farm

K: Five Senses; Animal Communication; Changing Seasons/Changing Weather; Taking Care of Our Earth

1st: Animal & Human Body Structure; Needs & Adaptations for Survival; Habitats In Depth; Animal Life Cycles

2nd: Arthropod/Insect Life Cycles In Depth; Animal & Human Health/Nutrition; Food Chains; Ways Humans Change & Help the Environment