Intensive School Programs

Program Description

If you’re interested in a more in-depth and interactive school program, look no further! These 1.5 hour programs are designed to allow your students to use the Buffalo Zoo as a living laboratory at a much deeper level than our traditional 45 minute presentation. For $200, you’ll receive live animal demonstrations, exhibit visits, and expert knowledge on a wide range of specialized scientific fields. Class size is limited to 26 students and reservations must be made 8 weeks in advance.


Program Details

Animals on Parade: grades K-2

Students will take a memorable tour around the Zoo to practice their observation skills. Along the way, they’ll be learning basic math concepts such as counting, adding, subtracting, ordering, sorting, comparing, and measuring with non-standard units. They’ll also gather information about which animals have spots, stripes, shells, feathers, fur, and more!


A Zookeeper’s Diary: grades 3-5

A zookeeper’s life is all about the details! In this program, students will learn about the ins and outs of taking care of our animals all while honing their math and science skills. Weighing diets, recording temperatures, and making precise calculations and observations are a few of the activities students will participate in.


Biome Blitz: grades 4-8

In this program, students will discover the amazing array of biodiversity existing in the world’s biomes. Students will learn how we try to replicate these wild places to provide suitable homes for our animals here at the Zoo. By visiting a few of these expertly designed exhibits, we’ll compare and contrast the abiotic and biotic features of several biomes and discuss human impacts on their stability.


Evolution and Natural Selection: grades 7-12

Immerse your students in an interactive exploration of evolution and see if they have what it takes to create a creature who will be able to survive! We’ll use the Zoo’s vast animal collection as a glimpse into the process of evolution through natural selection by identifying common ancestry between related species, homologous structures, convergent and co-evolution, and so much more!


Chemical Warfare in the Animal Kingdom: grades 9-12

This program is not for the squeamish or faint of heart! We’ll be looking at ways animals use an assortment of chemicals for defense, obtaining prey, and finding mates. From venoms and poisons that kill to musk and pheromones that entice the senses, students will witness chemistry come to life in this unforgettable experience.


Brand New

Extended Science Experiences for grades pre-K – 2!

Extended Science Experiences (ESE’s) are designed to help build science content and skill based on a variety of life science topics in the early childhood setting over the course of multiple contacts with the Zoo.  Experiences are infused with ELA to foster natural connections between written/spoken words and science.  Teachers act as integral partners in the experiences.  Each ESE includes teacher professional development, three zoo outreach sessions in your classroom with live animals, and a Zoo field experience. Class size is limited to 26 students and reservations must be made 8 weeks in advance. Please call the Buffalo Zoo Education Department at (716) 837-3900 Ext.174 for more information and pricing.

Topics include:

Pre-K – I Love Nature; Animal Types (classification); Animal Homes/Habitats; Down on the Farm

K – Five Senses; Animal Communication; Changing Seasons/Changing Weather; Taking Care of Our Earth

1st – Animal & Human Body Structure; Needs & Adaptations for Survival; Habitats In Depth; Animal Life Cycles

2nd – Arthropod/Insect Life Cycles In Depth; Animal & Human Health/Nutrition; Food Chains; Ways Humans Change & Help the Environment



Contact us at 716-995-6174 for more information or to register