In partnership with Erie 1 BOCES, the Buffalo Zoo offers programs that integrate technology and science content, allowing you and your students to use the Buffalo Zoo as a living laboratory to discover science in a brand new way. For more information, please call the Education Department at (716) 995-6138.

Program fee: $745.00; includes teacher professional development, a full day program at the Zoo for up to 26 students and 4 instructors, and classroom support for students to complete a technology and common-core standard based program

Program length: full-day teacher training; approximately 3.5 hrs at the zoo for students; post-program support

ZooTech Lab Programs (Grades K-12)
Photography equipment for this program donated by  kodak_3p_c05

These programs are the perfect way to blend science, ELA, and math! If you are looking for a unique and memorable way to convey in-depth science content to your students while fulfilling the new NYS Common Core Learning Standards, then our new suite of technology-infused science programs will fit the bill. For more information and registration information, Click Here.

Animal Safari: grades K-2
By using basic math concepts such as counting, adding, subtracting, ordering, sorting, comparing, and measuring with non-standard units, students will take a fun and memorable trek through the Zoo to observe amazing exhibits and gather data about the amazing animals.

Zoo Math: A Day in the Life of a Zoo Keeper: grades 3-5
Students will practice math skills through a hands-on learning experience while discovering the ins and outs of animal husbandry.  Some activities include, weighing food for daily animal diets, measuring proper volumes of medicine, and calculating ideal enclosure temperatures for multiple animals.

Zoo Biomes: grades 4-8
Students will become an expert on one of the world’s biomes by studying text, online literature, and zoo exhibits. They will then use their knowledge and technology to create a computer-based final project that includes pictures and videos of organisms found in that biome.

Evolution: Beyond Darwin’s Voyage: grades 7-12
Immerse your students in an interactive exploration of evolution.  In this program, students will land on “Zoo Island” to create their own nature documentary to the “outside world” that will inform them of their evolutionary discoveries!

Deadly Chemistry: Venoms and Poisons: grades 9-12
Students will explore the world of chemical adaptations in nature. Chemistry truly comes to life as students experience real life examples of chemical reactions, enzymes, pheromones, and chemical bonds..


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