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Wedding Photos in a Rainforest

Capture the memories of your special day as a romantic, tropical paradise provides the perfect backdrop! All year long, the Buffalo Zoo’s fully-enclosed M&T Bank Rainforest Falls exhibit offers a unique setting for wedding photography. You and the love of your life can share in your wedding bliss surrounded by exotic wildlife, including ocelots, giant anteaters, brown capuchins, black howler monkeys, white-faced sakis and free-flighted birds. A spectacular, cascading waterfall completes the unforgettable experience.


How much does it cost to have our wedding photos taken inside M&T Bank Rainforest Falls?

The Buffalo Zoo charges $100.00 per half hour. (Longer sessions can be scheduled.) We worked in conjunction with other indoor photo locations to ensure our rates are reasonable and competitive.


Will the exhibit be closed to other visitors during our wedding photos?

We cannot close the exhibit to other paying guests. However, our security guard will be on hand to help ensure that no other guests walk into your shots. (Please note that the Zoo’s busiest season runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day.)


How far in advance must the photo session be arranged?

M&T Bank Rainforest Falls is one of the Zoo’s most popular exhibits. It is best to reserve your photo session as soon as possible. A nonrefundable deposit of half the final fee must be paid within two weeks of the booking date. The final payment is due 21 days prior to the photo date. If your party books within 21 days of your photo session, full payment must be paid within 3 days after the reservation is made.


Can we park close to the exhibit so we don’t have to walk through the entire Zoo?

There is a gate located close to the entrance of the exhibit. When you reserve your photo session, you will be provided with additional information, including where you should enter the Zoo.


We have read the sign posted inside the exhibit that states the exhibit is misted throughout the day. Will we get wet?

During a scheduled photo session, arrangements will be made to ensure that your wedding party does not get wet. However, the ground may still be damp, so we recommend that brides hold up their dresses while walking through the exhibit.


We have seen that some birds fly freely throughout the exhibit. Will they approach us?

These birds generally do not approach visitors. If you need to walk past one that is nearby, we ask that you do so slowly and that you do not attempt to touch it. Also, to help ensure that wedding attire remains clean, we recommend designating one or two members of the wedding party to make sure no one is standing underneath any of the birds while a photo is taken.

NOTE: Please be aware there will be heavy moisture and bird droppings inside the exhibit.

As we continue celebrating our special occasion, are we permitted to bring food or beverages inside the exhibit?

For the safety of our animals (especially the free-flighted birds) and visitors, food and beverages are prohibited inside M&T Bank Rainforest Falls. No exceptions will be made.


If we have some time left during our photo session, can we have our photos taken at another exhibit?

Yes. However, please note that, like the Rainforest, these exhibits cannot be closed off to other visitors.


Please click here to review the Buffalo Zoo’s Wedding Photos Rental Agreement.

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