Developmental Disabilities Programs

Program Description

Are you looking for a unique experience for students with developmental disabilities? Bring your group to the Buffalo Zoo for a visit geared towards students who need something a little out of the ordinary. If you are interested in any of the following programs, just make us aware of any special needs at the time of booking so we can ensure the teaching session is appropriate for your group.


Program Details

Sensory Safari: 60 minutes, adaptable grade levels
Bring the Zoo to you! Our Zoomobile will deliver to you a hands-on program that is especially designed for students who are physically and/or developmentally disabled. The focus is sensory enrichment via touch, sight, and sound with both exotic and domestic animals.


Zoo Trek: 60 minutes, adaptable grade levels
Let us take you on a sensory adventure! Buffalo Zoo staff will lead the trek while engaging visitors with opportunities to see, smell and hear animals from around the world. You will have opportunities to touch biofacts, such as furs and skins, while being surrounded with the natural world.


Animal Senses: 2 hours, Grades K – 6
With the help of live animals, biofacts, animal exhibits and interactive experiments, students with developmental disabilities will explore the five senses and identify the body part used for each sense. They will discover that most animals have the same five senses that we do, and they depend on these senses to communicate, find food and avoid danger.


Contact us at 716-955-6128 for more information or to register