Zoo Snooze Overnights

Program Description

Zoo Snooze programs are temporarily suspended. Please see our other programming options.


Have you ever wondered what happens to the animals when everyone leaves for the day and the Zoo has closed? Discover the Buffalo Zoo as the sun goes down through a very special program called the Buffalo Zoo Snooze.

With each snooze, campers will sleep in our Ecostation exhibit surrounded by live animals. Don’t be surprised if the roar of our lions and tigers wakes you up in the morning as they greet you at the viewing windows at each end of the exhibit! Each snooze experience includes:

• Camping out in our Ecostation Exhibit (or comparable area)
• Live animal presentations
• Enrichment building for one of the Zoo’s star species
• Theme specific games and activities
• Evening snack
• Continental Breakfast
• Exclusive Zoo access and guided tours before and after public hours
• Your admission to the Zoo the next day


Program Details

What:  Overnight camping experience

Who:  Families, Scout groups, Home School groups, and more

Where:  At the Zoo

When:  Seasonally

Time:  Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Cost:  $35 per participant, $25 per chaperone (Minimum group size of 20 )

How:  Contact us at 716-995-6128 to register

(Note:  Snoozes book quickly, so please reserve at least 6 weeks prior to scheduled event.)





Amazing Adaptations
Why is a polar bear’s fur white? Why are snakes always sticking their tongues out? Why are male birds prettier than females? Find out with an “Ecostation Adventure” snooze! With a focus on birds, mammals, and reptiles, participants will explore animal adaptations and how different species have changed over the years to survive in their habitats.


Rainforest Immersion
Explore one of the most beautiful and diverse habitats in the world with our “Rainforest Immersion” snooze! Participants will discover the layers of the rainforest, what animals can be found there, why rainforests are disappearing, and what they can do to help. (available May-October)


You Run the Zoo
Working in a zoo can be fun! Learn about the many jobs at a zoo with a “You Run the Zoo” snooze! Participants will put their talents to the test by designing and building a habitat, making a commercial to advertise a “new” animal, and learning what it takes to be a zookeeper.


Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Animals
Look for the clues around the Zoo to help with our “Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Animals” snooze! Age/grade-appropriate activities will help more mature groups delve into the threats facing many endangered species and how they can help. Younger groups will have fun exploring the differences between a pet and a wild animal.


Night Owl – (For Girl Scout Cadettes Only)
Complete all requirements for your Night Owl badge while spending the night at the Zoo! Learn about nocturnal adaptations, see what it’s like to work the night shift, tell some nighttime legends, and create your own nocturnal animal.


Arctic Edge – (available November-April)

Chill out with our winter-loving friends during our “Arctic Edge” snooze! Participants will experience life with blubber, learn why polar bears and penguins never share space, and what it’s like to live in the coldest place on Earth.

Registration Info

Zoo Snoozes are held on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00 p.m. until 9:30 a.m. the following morning.

Contact us at 716-995-6128 to Register